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Wilcox Textiles provides a recycled textile wiping cloth for use in industry, these products are favoured by users in many sectors because of their robust handling and environmental benefits.

Our Grades are
These products have differing benefits and values and are suited to various industries and uses, briefly described below.

Mixed engineering Bale size 10kg
A medium quality mixed fibre coloured wiper, for general engineering use economical and good value.
T-Shirt (TS) Bale size 10kg
A light cotton hosiery coloured wiper , soft polishing quality, robust and highly absorbent, often used in car valeting and metal finishing, all applications where a soft cloth is required.
Sweat Shirt Bale size 10kg
A medium cotton hosiery wiper , soft in quality but slightly heavier than the TS wiper, this is more economical and normally used in more general areas and heavier oils than TS.
LP Select Bale size 10kg
A light cotton, non hosiery grade, used in lighter applications, hydraulic oils and light cleaning, due to its lighter weight materials there are more pieces per kg. This is a low waste high end wiper.
White Standard Bale size 10kg
A white medium weight cotton mix, good absorbency for a variety of uses where colour run is a factor, eg printing or areas where chemicals cause colour hazards. Often used in printing.
White Sheeting Bale size 10kg
A white premier grade all cotton wiper , soft and highly absorbent and low lint, this wiper is often used in high end applications, light precision work, printing aircraft etc.
Denim Bale size 10kg
Coloured all cotton heavy wiper, good value and low prices ensure that this can be used and thrown easily, often used as oil sock fro around machinery instead of oil granules.
Cord Bale size 10kg
Coloured corduroy wiper, all cotton, robust and absorbent, a good quality consistent engineering wiper
Winceyette Bale size 10kg
A soft cotton absorbent polisher used in valleting services and polishing environments.
Terry Towelling Bale size 10kg
A highly absorbent all cotton towel wiper.
Bluwype Bale size 5kg
A new manufactured non woven cellulose wiper, 18” x 12”, absorbent and soft this has a multitude of uses where recyclables are not consistent enough or for use in food areas. This product is lint free and solvent resistant.

Great care is taken with the manufacture of these products, safety and performance being of prime importance.

During their manufacture no harmful bleaches or manufacturing by products such as slurries etc, associated with new woven materials, paper and cellulose products are produced.

We currently manufacture 100,000 kgs per month of these products.

They are packed in 10kg “space saver" packs which can be palleted in lots of 50 or, if requested, traditional 12.5kgs boxes are also available at an extra cost.

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