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Textile recycling has, for the past 20 years been an essential part of the charitable sector, many charities have volunteers who help them to collect clothing from houses to supply the feedstuff for high street charity shops. This has provided them with a funding stream for their worthy causes.

As the final destination for textiles, Wilcox provides a high value income via its purchases of this end of line ex-charity material.

This hand in hand approach has worked successfully for all parties and Wilcox proved to be one of the countries most reliable and favoured charity collectors. Wilcox has been able to provide higher purchase values to charities than other companies because of it`s efficiency and are often used to benchmark values for textiles across the country.

Wilcox collects from most charity names that are found in the high street and form textile banks on Supermarkets and street side car parks, these include national organisations, regional hospices, appeal funds and associations.

They provide Textile Banks free of charge under contract agreements.


British Heart Foundation

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