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plastic textile banks    

The shape of things to come. A revolution in textile bank recycling.

Modern handling, design and safety pressures have demanded a new style of textile bank for the 21st century.Ergonomically designed for the modern world of recycling, our innovative new textile bank is the answer.

The problem...
The old style of textile bank has been around for almost 15 years and the design has not changed much. Indeed, much of the hardware to be found on our local recycling sites and supermarket car parks are re-painted and repaired versions of this original equipment.

  • 15 year old box shape design
  • Metal construction is rusty and heavy
  • Door at the front invites pilfering
  • Hinged deposit shute has moving parts that cause trap hazards and injuries
  • Emptying operation is by hand, time consuming and costly
  • Risk assessment for operation is poor.

The answer...
Ergonomically designed, our new bank is made from recycled ldpe plastic (made from old plastic bottles). The average amount of textiles that can be collected per bank per week is about 200 kgs.

The old bank takes about half an hour to be emptied by hand into a sack and then put onto the lorry. The new bank can be emptied in 4 minutes with the innovative opening base and crane system.

Download Product Information Leaflet (232k PDF)


Product highlights


Pleasing modern design for todays streets

Signage is informative simple and both pictorial and textual

LDPE recycled plastic construction will not rust or deteriorate

All operations are tested and certificated

No doors to invite pilfering

Graffiti cote system allows easy removal of Ink and paint graffiti


All banks are fire resistant coated with auto fire extinguisher mounted internally

Smooth ergonomics provide clean safe surfaces with no sharp edges

No moving parts to harm the public


Drivers are all uniformed with moblie phone contact

Crane operation provides fast service times

On board weighing provides bank by bank information in kgs

Service contract

Banks are provided free of charge

Payment for material is by BACS transfer to either charity or local authority

All maintenance / service / operation is free of charge.


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