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In the last year, Wilcox has processed and exported over 37,000 tonnes of reclaimed materials to destinations all over the globe. This roughly equates to six, 40-foot-high cube containers leaving the site each working day.


"Around 90% of our products go overseas with the Wilcox brand in great demand in Africa, Asia & Eastern Europe"

Wilcox...a recognised brand

The vast majority of recycled clothing is exported to locations where the Wilcox brand is widely recognised, and highly sought after. Wilcox strive to increase the demand for their products around the world by specially tailoring container loading lists for each destination.

This process ensures that customers receive the best quality, and most desirable goods, for wherever they choose to export.

UK products

Sales within the UK, although only representing just 10% of total production, are nonetheless an essential part of our sales structure. Many of the items not fit for purpose as reusable clothing become industrial wiping products, flock rags or mixed felt material.


Just 0.2% of the reclaimed materials processed by the site end up in landfill. This is a figure that Wilcox constantly monitor and are determined to reduce to zero.

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