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Environmental strategy

As a twenty-first century organisation you cannot be involved in recycling without a clear understanding of modern environmental responsibilities – even if your company began life back in the nineteenth century.

Wilcox collection vehicles, for instance, are renewed on a 3-year rolling schedule to ensure the fleet meets the latest Euro 5 low emissions limit. All factory machinery is fitted with soft-start, energy-efficient motors and we’ve installed eco-friendly LED lighting to reduce our energy consumption. To use energy even more efficiently, our onsite transformer house incorporates Power Factor Correction (PFC).

We are is also committed to the Sustainable Clothing Action Plan (SCAP), reporting collection volumes and resources employed in collection to further SCAP’s ambitions to improve the sustainability of clothing across its lifecycle.

Since our founding over four generations ago, our business has been to promote recycling and our determination to sponsor and support the latest environmental practices in doing so remains undiminished to this day.

"98% of all textiles and media collected annually by Wilcox is re-used or recycled"

our pledge

Wilcox has the following commitments and objectives to:
Minimise disturbance to the local and global environment and to the quality of life of the local communities
Comply with all relevant statutory regulations
Maintain appearances and highest environmental standards within the company premises
Take positive steps to conserve scarce and non-renewable resources
To assess, in advance where possible, the environmental effects of new processes and developments
Make available all necessary information to enable the proper use, storage and disposal of company products to avoid damage to the environment
Provide all necessary information to enable employees to operate processes properly and minimise effects on man and the environment
Keep the public informed of major new projects in the locality.

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