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Sorting & packing facility

The Wilcox computerised sorting and processing facility is an industry leader in the UK and Europe and has achieved this due to our constant drive for innovation. The installation of highly sophisticated sorting lines, in one of the most modern state of the art facilities in the UK, ensures that Wilcox combine high productivity with exceptional quality.

These computer controlled operations have set new standards within the industry. Items are sorted and graded several times by our highly skilled operators to ensure that only high quality, desirable used clothing is exported to overseas partners.

Items that are not fit for export can be cut and processed into industrial wiping cloths or classified for fibre reclamation. Textiles that are destined for recycling as industrial wipes pass through our high sensitivity metal detector to ensure that they contain no contaminants.

"Wilcox’s computerised sorting and processing facility is an industry leader in the UK and Europe"


Our pre-sort system is our first sorting process at Wilcox. Our staff ensure the removal of items from our conveyor belt system including the removal of shoes, bulk material and any contaminants. This eases the volume of material that would need to be removed from our next process, our first sort.

First sort

Wilcox has one of the most advanced sorted systems in the world.
Our first sort is the next process, our fully trained staff grade the original material into a large number of sub-sorted grades ready for second sorting.

Second sort

Our sub-sorted products are transported via our conveyor belt from first to second sort. These products are then graded, quality checked and will be turned into our finished product ready to be packed for export.

Packing and Sorting

We have four baling machines including two fully automated machines, enabling the production of approx. 2100 bales, of between 40-55kg , over a 24 hour period. We also have two Ken Mills baling machines enabling the production of approx. 260 large 500kg bales over a 24 hour period.

Loading and Transportation

We load up to 6 40ft high cube containers everyday using our fleet of forklift trucks, our factory has six available loading bays enabling the safe, fast and efficient loading of our containers. These containers are easily tracked using an online system and with the assistance of our dedicated freight forwarder.

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