Media collections

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Media collections

With this fairly recent and relatively untapped opportunity for recycling, Wilcox help local authorities, charities, supermarkets and waste companies increase revenues by providing modern, purpose-built 4000 and 5000 litre banks able to collect over 400 kilograms of used books, CDs, DVDs and games.

The Massivebooks brand enables Wilcox to recycle media goods via online sales. Wilcox recycle a wide range of media products from books to vinyl records.

Any item not suitable for resale is sent to specialist recycling centres to be turned into alternative products: paper waste is sent to mills to be pulped down and recycled, and plastic waste is sent to granulation plants to be turned into plastic pellets.

wilcox sort over 300 tonnes of mixed media per month

Massive Books

At Massive books, Wilcox are capable of processing over 300 tonnes of mixed media product per month - everything from DVD box sets to classic video games and best-selling novels.

how it works

Once our full media banks are brought back to the main depot, the items are sorted by product type: books, CDs, DVDs etc. Trained staff process around 15 tonnes of mixed media goods per day. All outgoing media is recycled as efficiently as possible for reuse or repurposing.

a greener way of recycling

The re-usable goods are uploaded directly onto online stores for re-sale. By re-selling through the online brand, Massive books, Wilcox prolong the lifespan of these products so they can be enjoyed again and again.

our warehouse library

Our warehouse library is capable of storing around 80,000 saleable items. All order selection, packing, and dispatching can be done in-house, using bespoke software.

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