Wilcox...the largest textile reclaimers & processors in the UK

Working with local authorities and charities as one of the most reliable and preferred contractors in the UK.

Collections services & Product sales

Textile collection

JMP Wilcox & Company Ltd are the largest, licensed textile reclaimers and processors in the UK and are proud of their record when it comes to working with local authorities and charities, confident that their high level of service and commitment is unrivalled.

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Our products

Wilcox specialises in the grading and packing of second hand clothing for export and the re-use of materials not suitable for rewear.
Grades include high quality clothing for shop sale in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Baled clothing for export to Africa and Asia and industrial hand wipes for sale in the UK.

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"Wilcox collects over 900 tonnes every week. That's 46,000 tonnes annually"

Collection banks

Wilcox uses a range of reliable collection banks that have been specifically designed to meet the tough requirements demanded of them. From smaller Hiab units to 40-cubic-metre roll-on/roll-off units, there is a secure recycling bank to suit all sites and situations.

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Our cream products

Wilcox has specialised for years on the grading and packing of high quality clothing for shop sale in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

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Sorting & packing facility

The Wilcox computerised, sorting and processing facility is an industry leader in the UK and Europe.

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about wilcox

About Wilcox

Wilcox have become a market leader through a dedicated policy of innovation in collection, sorting and distribution; and are a company you can count on to minimise waste by recycling safely and responsibly.

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End destinations

Around 90% of products go overseas - the Wilcox brand is in great demand in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe.

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99.8% of the textiles and media collected by Wilcox are reused or recycled, with just the remaining 0.2% going to landfill.

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As the UK’s largest textile reclamation company Wilcox are proud to be associated with the leading organisations of textile recycling, its many professional bodies and other affiliated institutions.

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